Blank Canvas


I’ve moved to Toronto from Vancouver just under two years now and have lived in three different homes.

My first apartment was a complete dump. Plumbing problems, fly infestations and heating problems where just a few things on the list of issues. There were dozen of winter mornings when I would wake up freezing and I could literally see my cold breath as I breathed out. I don’t know what what the heck I was thinking when I signed that lease. I had just packed my Prada bags and moved across the country and was homeless, so I guess, I was just quick to sign the most decent and most affordable out of shitty list of apartments in front of me.

For my second move, this would be an all new experience for me because it would be the first time living with someone else and oh boy, did this teach me a lot about being patient. As a merchandiser, I like to place things a certain way and expect it to be put back exactly the way it was left. There would be nights when I would have minor meltdowns because a tooth brush was not put back in its holder or a wet towel was left on the floor. It would seriously drive me bonkers and it would take every ounce of my being to not hold a pillow over my mates face while they were sleeping. I’m psychotic, I know but at least I can admit it.

For my recent move that happened over the past month, I think I have finally found a place where I can settle down and stay put for awhile. I’m living on my own again and remembering how much I loved it when I did. My home is still a blank canvas that still needs some work but it’s all mine and the best feeling that I get is every time that I leave my place, I know that when I come back, everything will be in the exact same spot as I left it.