To Tie up Loose Ends

By The Starving Stylist on 2/21/2013

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GAP canvas military jacket; AMERICAN APPAREL chambray long sleeve button-down shirt; PAUL SMITH woven wool and silk tie; HAWKINGS MCGILL vest; DIESEL 'Poiak' tapered leg fitted jeansDSQUARED2 wing-tip leather boots; LOUIS VUITTON monogram clutch; TATEOSSIAN LONDON beaded bracelets.

Truth be told, I don't ever wear neck-ties. This is probably the first time I have EVER been pictured with a neck-tie on my blog. I'm actually quite shocked I even own one at all for that matter!

It's not because I don't like them, I just never had much of a desire to incorporate one with my look—It looks wonderful and compliments others fabulously though! It just isn't much my personal style thats all.

Like some people prefer sweets over savory, or Louis over Gucci, I just prefer unbuttoned and loose over tie and tight.

Photographs taken by Ashley M.

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The Singles Club: The Want List

By The Starving Stylist on 2/11/2013

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Gucci Pour Homme II Eau de Toilette cologne; Miansai large brass cuff with screw closure; J.Crew brown tan leather iPhone 4/4S case; Fuck Yeah Menswear: Bespoke Knowledge for the Crispy Gentleman book; Balenciaga creased-leather pouch in blue; Kilian Love & Tears candle; Nike Dunk High sneakers; West Elm grand lacquer jewelry box; Jack Black Balm Squad Lip Quad lip balm set; NIXON S.A.M. watch.

I'm a closet romantic and I secretly like Valentines even though I may be single.

Yea... sure, Valentines may be a pathetic reminder of how lonely it is to be single when you're walking down that wretched sea of red heart shaped boxes of chocolates and fuzzy teddy bears at the drug store but thats fine with me because at the end of the day, I'd rather be single than be in a relationship with the wrong person.

But when I do find that right person, they must celebrate Valentines... only because I have always been single on that one day of the year and I want to be 'that' obnoxious couple that sends flowers to one another at work and all that 'hoo ha' nonsense just to get a kick out of it and annoy others...because I'm twisted like that.

But until then, I don't need no Valentines, I'll buy my own Gucci, my Nike sneaks and the candy around my wrists.....but then again if y'all feeling generous, I'm a size 9.5 in them Nikes, so that's okay with me too!


Up to my neck—Part 2

By The Starving Stylist on 2/05/2013

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H&M black leather jacket; JOE FRESH wool turtle neck sweater & black ultra skinny trouser; PRADA leather slip-on loafers; PERSOL black acetate sunglasses.

Can I make my obsession with turtlenecks this current season any more obvious?—Well clearly I can, by making a Part 2 follow-up of last week's blog entry of course!

I also have been recently sporting a lot of head-to-toe black ensembles lately.... A little too much in fact because it's starting to look like I'm always prepared to go to a funeral at a moments notice, but I guess with all this gloomy dark weather looming in the city and people's depressing credit card bills rolling in from the holidays, you can never be too over prepared for one this season.

But I swear, I did wear colour the other evening out....Grey—Yes. How very adventurous of me.