The Bald Truth

By The Starving Stylist on 6/22/2012

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Sweater & Shorts: JOE FRESH. Loafers: 14th & UNION. Sunglasses: DIOR HOMME. Watch: MICHAEL KORS.

 If you didn't already know, I shaved off my signature mohawk that I have been swaggering around town and on my blog for, for the past three years. It was a rash decision but something I've thought about doing for quite some time now and I've finally grown some balls and actually put this into action, which was basically cut off something that was so distinctive of who I am…or was.

I've had a mixture of shocked reactions from many—more positive than negative but at the end of it all, I'm very content with my new simplified look. I felt as though my hair was consuming who I was and people were only recognizing me by my major coif. Ergo, completely pulling a Britney and taking a electric razor to my head.

I feel incredibly refreshed—A brand new bitch actually... but let's be honest I'm still the jaded soul with a sass mouth running around with a Prada clutch with or without hair.

 Photographs taken by Lily of Bleed For Fashion.


Spoiled in San Francisco

By The Starving Stylist on 6/01/2012

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I spent this past Memorial Long Weekend being completely spoiled in San Francisco. It was a short but an extremely sweet couple of days of absolute self-indulgence, retail therapy sessions and wonderful company.

I went wine tasting or should I say wine guzzling in Napa Valley. I couldn't even tell you what my favourite winery was because after my fifth glass of vino, everything started to taste the same...*ahem* classless lush much?

I put my diet on hold and dined on some of the most decadent meals SFO had to offer and had some of the best home cooked meals I've ever had in a very long time....I'm salivating all over my Prada right now just thinking about it.

And of course, what's a vacation for me without racking up some debt on my credit card with some retail therapy. Like a fat kid in a candy store, I ran around Union Square with giant bright eyes and squealed at every designer store front I coveted in which my hometown lacks so much of.

So, after a very satisfied appetite, a handful of new people to call friends, many memorable moments and two newly purchased pairs of shoes later, my trip to San Fran was a perfect weekend get-away.