Something to Look Forward to

By The Starving Stylist on 6/20/2011

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Blazer: GAP. Shirt: H&M. Trousers: TOMMY HILFIGER. Shoes: FLUEVOG. Belt: PRADA.

My birthday is about three weeks from now and for the first time since I was little kid who traded Pokemon cards, I am REALLY looking forward to celebrating it this year. . . ONLY because I won't be in town. Hellssss yeah!

Where my L.A. blog readers at?! You best polish them stilettos, get your nails did, weave in place and lock away your boyfriends because the Starving Stylist is coming to town!

Photographs taken by Lily of Bleed For Fashion.


The Starving Stylist for Blanche Macdonald

By The Starving Stylist on 6/12/2011

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If only my mother could read English and understand what I actually did for a living, she wouldn't be so worried about my direction in life. I can show her this great article by Blanche Macdonald Centre, where I completed my Fashion Merchandising program, but all she'll narrow into is the smug looking pictures of myself and say, "Why youuu carry purse?" and "You buy tooo much clothes. Stop it."

Oh mommy, if you are ever able to see my blog for the first time and are able to read this, I love you. I'm happy now, you don't to worry about me anymore.

Anways, check out this article about how the Starving Stylist all began and where yours truly is now, HERE.

Lastly, THANKS a bunch to everyone at Blanche Macdonald Centre for this wonderful article. I know I've been quite the media troublemaker in the past year and a half, but that never stopped you from believing in me. Thank you.


Essentially Nautical

By The Starving Stylist on 6/09/2011

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Aside from learning how to ride a bike (don't you dare ask, I never learned how! I'll save the pathetic story for another blog entry on a different day), one of my goals this summer is to go sailing or even boating. Just get me on a damn boat thats NOT a ferry where I can dress up all nautical and wear it with purpose.

So I'm going to get on that goal and start batting them lashes like my rent money is due, but before that, I'm going shopping for a new nautical wardrobe.

1) Paul Smith plaid silk scarf $215
2) Rag & Bone cotton blend striped sweater $220
3) Burberry Brit pique polo shirt $150
4) Rag & Bone three quarter placket plaid shirt $195
5) Acne tailored turn-up cotton shorts $230
6) Balenciaga leather sandals $505
7) Toms Alton boat shoe $95
8) Dolce & Gabbana sport trousers w/ rope belt $545
9) Prada striped nylon duffle bag $1,525
10) J-Crew Ludlow chino jacket $250
11) Dsquared2 plastic frame aviators in Havana $435

"Ohhh Haiii there. . .I have these greats shorts that I would ever look so good wearing on your yacht . . .What?. . . You don't have a yacht? . . . It's actually a canoe. . . .
*Agurh*. . . I guess that'll do. . .You're doing all the rowing though."