A weekend get-away of material needs

By The Starving Stylist on 3/31/2011

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I leave for a quick weekend get-away to Vegas in less than 20 hours. So in a city that never sleeps, there is no reason why anyone's style should not do the same.

Here are just a few [lustfully wanting needing/"soon" to have] trip essentials:

1) Yves Saint Laurent double wrap leather bracelet with silver hardware. $295
2) Bottega Veneta snakeskin titanium intrecciato ayers continental wallet. $760
3) Alexander McQueen Jersey Skull Scarf. $365
4) Super flat top cheetah sunglasses. $155
5) Maison Martin Margiela leather belt. $215
6) Burberry Brit slim fit cargo trousers. $195
7) Givenchy moccasin cleats. $430
8) Acne white oxford shirt. $200
9) Chloe Aurore leather tote. $1,795
10) Gucci double berated cardigan. $970

Like I said before and I'll say it again but only if I'm feeling generous, whatever happens in Vegas. . . goes on my blog.



Trying to see the good in goodbye

By The Starving Stylist on 3/23/2011

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Trench: LANVIN X H&M. Shirt: H&M. Jeans: NUDIE. Boots: DSQUARED2. Belt: GAP. Aviators: GUCCI. Bag: LOUIS VUITTON.

"Never say goodbye because saying goodbye
means going away and going away means

—Peter Pan

I recently bid an emotional farewell to someone that has been very important to me in the past year. I know we'll see each other again but with him gone who is going to explain American politics to me? Chivalristically open a car's door for me every time I enter a vehicle? Help me transport a leather couch to one city to another? Trust me with using power tools? Or have a stiff cosmopolitan drink ready for me EVERY time I come home from a stressful long day at work? No one. *sigh*

I'll miss you Johnny.

Anh, xin đừng quên Em nhé. . .


I'll be ok, just not today.

By The Starving Stylist on 3/17/2011

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I had a lousy day where everything and everyone was getting on my last nerve.

So instead of hanging myself to death from the ceiling by a McQueen silk scarf, I bought myself the entire deluxe edition of Sex and The City on DVD, a bag of Lays chips and a bottle of vino. I'm going to watch, eat & drink myself into a coma, ALONE.

And when I feel like waking up, I will start blogging regularly again. . . or at least make an effort to. No promises.


Don't sell yourself short. . .Luckily, I was born tall.

By The Starving Stylist on 3/05/2011

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Field coat: ROTHCO M65. Tee: AMERICAN APPAREL. Jeans: PRADA. Boots: ZARA. Sunglasses: GUCCI. Beanie: Y-3. Belt: HERMES. Watch & Bracelets: TATEOSSIAN & BURBERRY.

"One Day, I'll find someone I can laugh with all day. Share my deepest secrets with. Talk about everything and have the best time of my life. Until then, I won't settle for anything less."

This quote is good for material goods too. Why buy wool when you can get cashmere. . .because it's too expensive and you can't afford it you say? Well by the looks of your waistline, you'd be doing it a favour it you took all that money you spend on food and buy clothes instead.


Photographs courtesy of Lily.