Spotted: Michael Kors @ Pacific Centre

By The Starving Stylist on 2/24/2011

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Along with the lovelies, Lily & Nancy, I attended the private event in celebration for the new store opening of Michael Kors in Pacific Centre.

I mixed, mingled, 'camera whored' and drank more champagne than I should have, especially on an empty stomach—thank Lord for those delectable grilled cheese sandwiches stuffed with caramelized onions sustaining my appetite though. Damn. They were good.

Bright coloured handbags filled brightly light walls that were stunningly eye-catching but my attention was more focused on the collection of beautiful watches in the pristine display cases—I swear, if I was given another glass of wine, I would have purchased one. It has happened to me before in David Yurman, so its bound to happen again.

Anyways, I had a wonderful time indeed but more so for the fact that I spent it with my two girlfriends. xx

Nothing a little Prada can't fix

By The Starving Stylist on 2/22/2011

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Distressed perforated sneakers: PRADA

If I was able to buy a pair of shoes for every time I was in a lousy mood, I seriously would have enough footwear to dress an entire hockey stadium of people—Holy shit, that obviously means I'm too emotional.

Anyways, this is closest thing to a sneaker I have purchased in. . . .like ever? I honestly needed a pair of comfy casual kicks that I could bum around town in and they just happened to be a pair of Pradas—C'mon, you wouldn't expect anything less of me would you?


In Gold We Trust

By The Starving Stylist on 2/20/2011

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I have an obsession with anything gold. It's flashy, a bit obnoxious and definitely showy…sort of like meI love it.

And truth be told, there is nothing wrong with mixing gold and silver jewelry together. I do it all the time—it's perfectly acceptable. I love to mix my metals together but to make it less tacky, I always include a bridging piece of jewellery that contains both and silver to help alleviate the look.

Do you guys mix your metals?


Why try so hard to fit in when you were born to stand out?

By The Starving Stylist on 2/09/2011

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Blazer: H&M. Sweater: GAP. Shirt: GAP. Jeans: NUDIE. Boots: FLUEVOG. Belt: H&M. Scarf: DIESEL BLACK GOLD. Portfolio: BURBERRY. Watch: MICHAEL KORS.

I rarely ever wear colour but when I do, you can bet your bottom dollars that I will pick something that will stand out and hopefully not in a painful sore thumb sort of way. *crosses fingers*

And truth be told, I am an honest believer that the colours you wear affect your mood. Despite the fact that I have the same expression of "pretentious bitch" in this photo…well in ALL of my photos on this blog actually, I was actually feeling…happy in this orange sweater. But then again, it was pay day at work when this outfit was worn and who wouldn't be happy to have some money coming into their bank account.


Stomp it Off

By The Starving Stylist on 2/03/2011

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For all of those celebrating the Lunar New Years today, Happy Year of the Rabbit and for the Nammers like myself, Chúc Mừng Năm Mới Xuân Tân Mão!

With a brand new Lunar Year beginning today, it is believed that wearing a pair of brand new shoes is good luck because it stomps away all the bad luck and misfortunes from the previous year. Ergo, I was more than happy to go out and swipe my credit card on these killer John Fluevog boots without feeling any guilt whatsoever because really. . .I should actually be paying my house rent which was totally due a few days ago.

Truth be told, I will find any excuse to go shopping and this one was more than a valid reason—Even my mother encourages the idea …well… the new shoes and bad luck stomping part but DEFINITELY not the hefty price tag of these boots. Oh well.

Happy Lunar New Year!

A BFF Birthday

By The Starving Stylist on 2/01/2011

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We've been through more debaucheries than a normal sane person can have in a thousand lifetimes. Thanks for putting up with my constant mood swings, my ultra needy moments and for holding my clutch when I had to fight someone at the club.

Happy Birthday Kyle, My Best Friend xxx