Like a Popstar back from a brief hiatus. . .

By The Starving Stylist on 8/30/2010

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Jacket: MARC BY MARC JACOBS. Shirt: ZARA. Pants: H&M. Sandals: DIESEL. Belt: GAP.

Like a Popstar back from a brief hiatus or more like rehab, I’m back.

Excuse the lack of updates and attention that I have given to this blog in the past weeks. Juggling a full-time job which I love while constantly building the perfect wardrobe and trying to maintain what’s left of a social life, blogging is the last thing I want to do on my agenda.

But then again, THANKS a million to my many loyal blog readers who have consistently left ultra-kind comments and emails that leave me bashfully blushing and at awe all the time. YOU guys are the only reason why the Starving Stylist still exists because without you all, I would be totally OVER blogging like last season’s IT handbag.


So Good it Almost Doesn’t Count

By The Starving Stylist on 8/16/2010

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Ladies & gentlemen, believe it or not, this shirt and shorts are in fact attached, making it an actual jumpsuit or what I like to call a male romper.

A complete pain in the ass when you in need to take a trip to the toilet but it’s the biggest convenience when in need of a quick outfit on the go. Another perk is the shirt is always intact into my shorts so I never have to worry about shirt adjusting or muffin-top spillage, which is the only reason why I had to buy it. Sold.


Closeness has Nothing to do with Distance

By The Starving Stylist on 8/10/2010

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@ Greenhouse Nightclub New York City

Another HUGE highlight of my recent trip to New York City was being able to get together with my childhood friend from North Carolina, Quan.

From appreciating each other’s Xanga diaries to being each others support systems during difficult heartbreaks and to now, strutting our fabulous selves down the bustling streets of Manhattan together, it’s been more than amazing long distance friendship.

You're an extremely talented person Quan with an incredible eye for design and detail but most of all, you’re a wonderful friend. You're my brother. So, save me a seat in front row next to you if you make it to Paris Fashion Week before I do & don’t forget, closeness has nothing to do with distance.

Check out Quan’s portfolio HERE.


I Left My Heart in Manhattan

By The Starving Stylist on 8/04/2010

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New York as I know it. . .or well at least the highlights of my trip:

-Without the need to bat my lashes or sleep with a flight attendant, I was more than fortunate to be upgraded to fly first class to New York. I sipped on champagne, watched a film, stuffed my face with truffles like a spoiled brat and slept peacefully on a reclining bed with down filled comforters—It was truly amazing!

-My boys and I were mistaken more than a few times by strangers asking if we were models or whether we were in the acting business because of how constantly polished looking we were EVERYWHERE we went.

-I spent more money on the first day of shopping in SoHo than the cost of the entire plane ticket & hotel accommodation.

-I bought a jumpsuit or what I like to call a male romper at Opening Ceremony and trust me I look cuter in it than an 8 month old baby teething.

-Met Amanda Lepore while out on the town and [window]shopped at Prada in SoHo with Jay Manuel just steps away from me in store. (I would have lost my SH*T if it was Ms. Jay instead of Mr. Jay though.)

-I got lost in Brooklyn while having a bit too much to drink and stumbled into an abandon sugar refinery, which turned out to be a huge nightclub.

-I was more than flattered for being recognized from my blog & as the Starving Stylist by a delightful reader from New York while shopping in SoHo. (Hi Reah! I hope I didn’t spell your name wrong! Sorry!)

-I held on to dear life every time while being driven around in a cab in New York. People drive like maniacs in this city! I either got almost hit by a car or got into a car accident like 235,529 times during my weeklong visit.

-FABULOUS eats at the Standard Grill in the Meat Packing District, El Quijote in Chelsea & Felix in SoHo, which are probably the only three meals I could recall ever having on the trip. Less eating = More $$$ for shopping & clothes.

-I got lost inside of the HUGE Barneys New York on Fifth Avenue. I’m NOT kidding. I literally spent 2 hours looking for my friends inside of the store!

-I added my name on the wait list of like 3-months at Mulberry for the Oversized-Alexa bag in Oak.

-Sunday night at Greenhouse with the boys. Amazing venue, amazing friends and more than AMAZING time.

-I was a complete dorky tourist with the “Ooohs” & “Ahhhhs” while in the middle of the magnificently grand but seizure inducing Time square.

-Being the loud and antsy person I am, I caused a bit of mischief at the Met Museum. . .I never laughed so hard while getting yelled at by security so much in my life for something so minor in my life!

-Stumbling into the lobby of my hotel at 4am every day after a night out not looking as prim as the way I first left was definitely unforgettable. All of the front desk associates probably think I’m a HUGE loon but with nice shoes.

-There was a 9 hour flight delayed when I was returning home to Vancouver. I slept at the airport waiting for my flight home like an upscale homeless person on the benches with a Louis Vuitton Keepall as a pillow.

Overall, my trip was more than amazing with many more experiences that would take up more than just one blog entry or are really, just too private & most intimate to even share with everyone.

Whatever happened in NYC doesn’t stay in New York or go on my blog but will remain in my "heart" instead. [insert sappy awes & Disney Soundtrack now].