Material Overload

By The Starving Stylist on 3/30/2010

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“. . . .BiiiiTCH! My handbag cost more than your tuition!”
—R. Megaro, Las Vegas 2010

It’s as though a Barneys New York store window just savagely vomited on this table top, but can you even imagine how much all this merchandise on this table is worth right now? Likely more than an Average Joe's tuition that’s for sure!

More on my unforgettable trip to Vegas to come. . .

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The Starving Stylist Does Vegas!

By The Starving Stylist on 3/25/2010

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State of Emergency - VOGUE ITALIA SEPTEMBER 2006 - Steven Meisel

I’ve packed the Advils, Chapstick, hand sanitizers, a handful of Perkasets to Xanax, my fiercest pair of boots and the biggest pair of designer shades that scream BITCH . . .I think I’m ready for Vegas. . . or the real question is Vegas ready for me? Either way I’m just glad that I was able to purchase last minute travel insurance for myself because Lord knows what sorts of scandalous troubles I will get myself into while there.

See you in a couple days everyone and don’t worry . . .
Whatever happens in Vegas, goes on MY blog.

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Spotted: What NOT to Wear

By The Starving Stylist on 3/22/2010

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Bad enough that this woman is out in public sporting a ridiculously OBNOXIOUS fluorescent pink velour tracksuit, but she had to pair it up with some patent leather hooker boots to complete the abysmal attempt to anything remotely stylish. I swear I almost went blind by rubbing my eyes silly to make sure I was seeing correctly of what this woman was wearing. . .I guess this is what she considers sporty-casual?. . .or was it trashy-sporty?

Also, the fact that she was carrying a Louis Vuitton made me feel embarrassed for the poor designer handbag. I bet, if that handbag had a choice it would probably rather be used as a soccer ball and get socked around than being embarrassingly manhandled by its fuchsia blobbed owner.

So, please take note: Keep the sportswear and the nightclub wear separate. Please.
. . .Gosh, I'm such a f****** b****. Oh well thats why y'all love me so much! hahaha! xoxo

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A TWITTERing Nitwit

By The Starving Stylist on 3/18/2010

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Vogue Italy - MEISELPIC - Steven Meisel

Maybe if I SKANK’ed myself up on my personal Twitpic account like the perfectly cheeky examples of that above, I would have more interested followers stalking me on Twitter? Hmmm. . .it’s a possibility. But until then, I’ll stick to my bitchy rants and if all else fails I’ll just have turn my trashy volume up a few notches.

Starving Stylist Living

By The Starving Stylist on 3/15/2010

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My bedroom is my sanctuary, my life’s escape, my security and my place to dream, that’s why I don’t allow many to enter it until now. So, here is just a peek of my place of refuge to show to others that I don’t actually live in a cardboard box with newspaper as carpeting.

-Truth be told and the story of my life, I am an obsessed neat freak.

-I love my eggshell white walls, which may cry boredom to others but I love the refreshing, clean and alluring mood it exudes.

-Fresh cut flowers can always be found in my bedroom. I have a soft spot for them, especially white ones . . .well except for carnations or baby’s breath because they’re cheap fillers that I regard as just weeds.

-Candles are dispersed around in my bedroom and are constantly being burned. It feels as though I live in the stone-age at times because I’d prefer candle light over my lamps any day.

-Music can constantly be heard coming from my bedroom in the hallways. Whether it’s Snoop Dogg blasting from my stereo or some Damien Rice and ol’school Brandy whispering through the speakers at night, there’s never a moment without a tune.

-Photographs and frames are abundant and are seen at every corner of my room. But as time progressed and relationships soured, many of the pictures were removed and left imageless. Photographs I frame are like trophies, so never would I keep something framed when it had no value left to share.

So, how would you describe
your sanctuary?

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I was told to smile with my eyes, but it just looks like I’m squinting.

By The Starving Stylist on 3/09/2010

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Cardigan: H&M. Shirt: BURBERRY. Jeans: RA-RE. Boots: ALDO. Bracelets: URBAN OUTFITTERS.

With the perfect example using the photograph above, I am aware that I tend to have the words ‘STUCK-UP BITCH’ stamped acrossed my forehead when I’m out in public. Unless I have my sunglasses on indoors, felt extra sassy or is just plain hung over from the night before, I seriously don’t mean to repel or intimidate anyone away, especially my blog followers and readers who are (un)fortunate sometimes to catch me out and about.

I give much credit to the many readers who are ballsy enough to approach me to say ‘hello’ and without a second thought that I could possibly throw a Naomi Campbell sized bitch fit at any minute. As for the others who stand around acting coy but still constantly eying my every move and wondering if it really is me or not, please don’t be afraid to come up and say hello. There aren’t many 6 foot Asians with a side shaved head trotting around in knee high boots while sporting an Alexander Wang bag in town, so chances are, it’s most definitely probably ME and I would be delighted to hear from you.

No matter how many times I preach much gratitude to all my loyal readers, I will always be thankful for all the love and support you guys constantly give me which is better than any deliciously delectable meal I could ever be fed. Thank you.

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The Starving Stylist’s Spring Necessities

By The Starving Stylist on 3/05/2010

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The Starving Stylist’s Spring Necessities
This is not merely a Spring style necessity list for men as it is very much a list of WANTS for the very superficial ME.

  • The Cardigan – Simple yet with so many practical uses and with a hefty price tag from the one pictured above, you would think it would have slimming powers when worn! –PLAY Comme Des Garcons red heart wool cardigan. $396

  • The Boat Shoe – Basically the man’s equivalent to women’s ballet flats. –Tod's Allacciato Vela Gommini Nuovo boat shoes. $425

  • The Modernized Aviator – A perfect complement for every look and definitely large enough to cover those tired eyes that were up all night partying late the night before. –Gucci round sunglasses in Havana. $220

  • The Weekend Duffle – To perfectly and fabulously hold everything I listed above and more. –Prada perforated runway duffel bag. $2,395

  • So, whats YOUR necessity for spring this year?

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    On the Casual.

    By The Starving Stylist on 3/01/2010

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    Jacket: H&M. Denim Shirt: NUDIE JEANS. Tank: H&M. Pants: PRADA.
    Boots: ZARA. Sunglasses: GUCCI.

    The 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver have finally come to a rest, therefore, so shall my Canadian pride-screaming shirts and sweaters, which will be boxed and put away to NEVER see the light of day again.

    The weather is beautifully warming up in the city and that could only mean that the layers of clothes are shedding, which in return means I need to kick my ass into high gear and get into shape before summer rolls around.

    With the past two weeks of Olympic partying, gold medal celebrations within the city, decadent over-indulgence and late nights out, I’m starting to look more like the "Stocky Stylist" than a "Starving" one. . . .YIKES!

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    Photographs taken by Tristan Casey.