A Starving Stylist Cardinal Rule #2

By The Starving Stylist on 2/25/2010

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Vogue Hommes Japan

A Starving Stylist Cardinal Rule #2: Thou shall NOT place a designer handbag on public grounds.

It may sound silly to many, but never EVERRRR would I place any of my beloved designer handbags on the FILTH-ridden floor grounds of any public area. Give it to your assistant, BITCH or friend to hold on to when you are in need of both hands but never should you place your Louis, Chanel, Prada or your Birkin on the ground unless you had a loaded gun pointed to your head by a heroin addict of a robber.

When I say designer handbag, I am referring to any major luxury brand name handbag. It is generally European made and NOT mass produced by the millions in a sweat factory in China because if that was the case, by all means toss your purse on the floor and nearer to the trash can, where the quality of it is equivalent to.

My designer handbags are like my babies. I respect and treat them all with utmost care. Each and every single one of them cost more than about 2 months house rent, so why would I ever want to treat something I worked so hard for so poorly? Besides the value, it’s mainly about prestige. Unless you had money coming out of your ass to set on fire just for fun, I would immediately assume a bag was fake if I were to ever catch a person chuck it around as though it was a rag doll.

I’ve busted my ass and skipped meals to be able to afford the things I have, so for me, I take pride in the things I own by treating it with respect and if you agree you should all do so too.

So, how do you treat your bags?

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Permanently Accessorized.

By The Starving Stylist on 2/20/2010

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Love all, trust a few
Do wrong to none
- W. Shakespeare, "All's Well That Ends Well"

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By The Starving Stylist on 2/17/2010

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A new handbag for the brand new year.

A new handbag as a minor remedy for inconsolable sentiments that still haunt me till this day.

A new handbag to swagger into work and let others know that there’s a new BITCH in the office and that they’re not here to fuck around.

A new handbag to stash my belongings when I runaway and move to New York to live fabulously.

A new handbag as an indication that I’m perfectly content being on my own and satisfying my own personal needs.

These are ALL my reasons I’ll have to keep telling myself over and over again while I eat nothing but instant noodles from a cup for the next two months in order to afford to pay off this newly bought Louis.

p.s. MUCHO GRACIAS for all the lovely comments and sweet emails from all my loyal readers in the past week. I apologize on the lagging of the responses and I promise I’ll get back to all of you as soon as possible . . . and hopefully it will be before my next credit card payment is due, which is verrrrrrrry soon.

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Love Hurts.

By The Starving Stylist on 2/12/2010

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Silver Necklace & Pendant: KRIS VAN ASSCHE.

Being a bitterly-jaded person that I choose to be, I am proud to celebrate Valentines Day. . .SINGLE. Call me pathetic, but I will buy my own bouquet flowers, I will shower myself with gifts, I will enjoy a lavish meal to myself. . . BUT, I’ll wait till after Valentines Day on the 15th to buy myself chocolates since that heart shaped junk will all be on clearance at blowout prices.

So, what are you singles doin' for V-Day?

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By The Starving Stylist on 2/11/2010

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By The Starving Stylist on 2/09/2010

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Wool toggle jacket: TROYSMITH for D. Shirt: PAUL FRANK. Jeans: DSQUARED2. Belt: GAP.

If you have yet to be a follower of mine on Twitter, your probably the last to know that I was fortunate enough to meet, have a cocktail and chat with Dean & Dan from Milan designer label, Dsquared, over the past weekend at a popular local lounge in Vancouver. The dashing and utterly funny design duo is currently in town to celebrate their limited edition fleece-hoodies that are perfect complements for the Winter Olympics, which so happens to kick off this weekend in Vancouver. Click here for more info.

Being a huge fan and devoted fashion die-hard I may be, I sadly didn’t have any photographs taken with the fabulous twins, so don’t even bother asking for them. Besides, I was too busy admiring Dean’s luxurious fur lined, lamb skin leather coat with a beautifully constructed built up collar to even remember. . .or was I too enthralled by my glass of Belvedere? Hmmmm. . .

So, anyone else have stories of their own fashion designer/celebrity encounter?

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A Lesson from the Starving Stylist

By The Starving Stylist on 2/04/2010

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Giorgio Armani S/S 2010 -- Armani Exchange S/S 2010 // Dolce & Gabbana S/S 2010 -- D&G S/S 2010

A Lesson w/ The Starving Stylist: Diffusion Lines

One out of 65,476,412 pet peeves of mine is when people have a problem differentiating the difference between a designer’s diffusion line and their signature line. Not a lot people understand this concept, that’s why I’m constantly found with my eyes rolled to the back of my head and ears completely tuned out.

A diffusion line is a comparatively cheap modestly-priced line of merchandise typically created by a high-end designer whose principle signature line retails at a much higher price.

Signature Line ----> Giorgio Armani ---> $$$$
Diffusion Line -----> Armani Exchange -----> $

Got it? Because being the label whore driven person that I am, I’m not afraid to call you out and rip you a new one. I’m tired of people parading around and calling their outfits Dolce & Gabbana when really it’s only D&G Jeans. I’m generally not impressed with labels anymore. It really should be about the fit and quality of the merchandise. Those should be the determining factors of whether something looks good on you and not about the label tag that's sewn on the inside of that garment!

So, what is your personal take on designer's diffusion lines?

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Winner of The Starving for Dior Contest. . .

By The Starving Stylist on 2/03/2010

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Congrats to Vinnah Tourigny from Colorado USA, on winning the Starving for Dior contest!
I don’t know of any fierce bitches from Colorado [yet] so you better make me proud and workkkk them shades like Giselle getting paid millions for her runway walk!

Major thanks to all those that entered the contest. Be sure to continue following my blog as more future contests are sure to pop up and one of them most likely involving something Prada.

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Stylist turned Ski-Bunny

By The Starving Stylist on 2/01/2010

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Lambswool Cowichan Sweater: THE HUDSON'S BAY COMPANY

Like a true slave of trendy fads, I have finally jumped on the Olympic bandwagon in the city and purchased myself some official 2010 Olympic gear from the Hudson’s Bay Company. I know, my fashion creditably just went down a couple notches on the scale of style but with the 2010 Winter Olympics celebrating in my beautiful home city of Vancouver in less than two weeks, I loyally had to show my pride somehow and I doubt strolling around with my Balenciaga Weekender and oversized sunglasses was going to cut it especially with so many athletes from around the world in town!

Okay sure, my intentions aren’t necessarily in full support of the games as it is to meet attractive foreigners, but hey can you imagine how lumberjack-edgy-fierce I’ll look in this lambswool cowichan sweater paired with some constructed Doc Martens, distressed jeans and a then bundled up with a chunky scarf? I’d make the perfect ski-bunny!

Click here

P.S.S. If y’all are in Downtown Vancouver this Sunday February 7th, check out my girl, DemiCouture's vintage clothing sale at W2 at the Woodwards! Click here for more info.

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