Just Leather & No Lace

By The Starving Stylist on 1/28/2010

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Leather Blazer: ZARA. Shirt & Cardigan Vest: AMERICAN APPAREL. Jeans: DIESEL. Boots: ZARA. Scarf: DIESEL BLACK GOLD. Gloves: H&M. Bag: ALEXANDER WANG.

Hard to tell in the photograph but with so much leather incorporated in this outfit from the fitted blazer to the polished boots down to the gloves and of course the beloved bag, I’m glad I didn’t come off looking like a bourbon drinking, diesel bull dyke with a bike.

I love my leather goods like I love my shopping sales at Barney’s New York and Nordstroms. I don’t have a fetish for leather unless it involves Louis Vuitton classics and Hermes pieces worth more than my home. I just enjoy the thrill of luxury that it brings to material goods. To the suppleness of the skin to the fine fabrication, quality leather goods are definitely worth investing and my Alexander Wang bag pictured here is one of my investments that could voucher for that.

P.S. There’s less than 4 days to enter, have you entered the STARVING FOR DIOR contest with me yet?

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The Haute, the Bleeding & the Starving

By The Starving Stylist on 1/25/2010

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3 fashion bloggers with 3 uniquely different styles in 1 city, waiting to be conquered—Vancouver

Jacket: ZARA. Cardigan: CLUB MONACO. Shirt: McQ by MCQUEEN.
Jeans: RA-RE. Boots: DOC MARTEN. Bow-tie: H&M. Bag: BALENCIAGA.

Jacket: ZARA. Tee: VINTAGE. Pants: H&M. Booties: ASHISH for TOPSHOP. Bag: MARC JACOBS.


If you have yet to meet style bloggers Vanessa or Lily from Vancouver BC, than you obviously have been hiding under a rock that was covered over by your Snuggie blanket.

I really admire these two girls as they are the epitome of fashion innovation and cutting edge style. They take fashion to another level and like me, there isn’t a time in a day when they don’t look good.

So with so much fierceness of three local fashion bloggers in one room and on the contrary to many that assume, no bitchfits, gossiping, hairbrushes or BlackBerry’s were thrown at each other while on set even though it seem as though someone in particular got more frames than the other two. . . . . . I’m just kidding. . .*ahem* bitch. *ahem*

Anyways, much love and thanks to Vanessa for coming up and organizing such a triple threat of an idea for us three to unite. Also, thank you to our wonderful photographer Daniel Fleming, who I’ll have to bribe and persuade away from Vanessa to be my personal photographer one of these days.

Check out my more than amazing girls & their blogs @

P.S. Did y’all enter the STARVING FOR DIOR contest with me yet?

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I love Prada as much as my love Dim Sum

By The Starving Stylist on 1/23/2010

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Prada Menswear Spring/Summer 2010 shot by Hedi Slimane

Boys take note and ladies be ready to preach to your loves, the Prada Men’s Spring Summer 2010 collection is one of the few sets this season that define what any professional looking man should look like—simple and polished. And mark my words; if I could trade in my entire wardrobe along with an internal organ for just one half of that collection, I would . . .and would die happy!

With absolute sleek perforated details, sharp tailoring and polished classics—I didn’t see anything in the collection that was not timeless. Every garment could be worn for a lifetime but at the same time it was still very modernized and chic. Trends constantly come and go like pathetically unfulfilled New Year resolutions but the Men’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection for Prada is an instant classic, just like your Chanel 2.55 purse that you starved yourself into anorexia in order to be able to afford.

So, which collection caught your attention this season?

p.s. Did y’all enter the STARVING FOR DIOR contest with me yet?

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The Starving Stylist presents: STARVING FOR DIOR CONTEST. Enter NOW to WIN!

By The Starving Stylist on 1/19/2010

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To celebrate the upcoming 1 year anniversary of my blog and to treat my fabulously loyal readers to a little piece of luxury, I’m giving away a pair of DIOR sunglasses from my materialistically ridden collection of accessories in a contest called: STARVING FOR DIOR.

The prize is pictured above, which is a pair of extremely unique wrap around shades from the limited BANDAGE collection and is valued about $350. These shades are UNISEX, in complete mint condition and come bearing in its original hard case. I believe these Diors are definitely Lady Gaga approved and would make any Star-treckkie crazed fan drown in their own pool of drool. No purchase necessary for this contest, unless your feeling generous you can treat me out for dinner and feed me.


1) FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER (1 ballot) & RETWEET I just entered the STARVING FOR DIOR contest with the @STARVINGstylist! - http://tinyurl.com/ygoz658”, which will earn you a second ballot, giving you a Total of 2 entries in the contest.

2) Follow me with Google Friend Connect by simply clicking FOLLOW on the right-hand column of my blog and completing the instructions. (1 ballot)

3) And lastly, leaving me a simple comment on THIS BLOG ENTRY ONLY can earn you an easy 1 ballot as well too. Just leave me your name, where you’re from and email address, so I can contact you if you have won.

So there’s a total of 4 ways of entering this contest and with the more ballots your have, your chances of winning will be increased. Contest starts January 19th 2010 and runs until February 2nd 2010. The winner will be announced on February 3rd 2010 by random draw.

This contest is open to EVERYONE INTERNATIONALLY. Unless of course, if you’re from Timbuktu or in the middle of Bum-Fuck-Nowhere, then I’M SORRY, these Diors would be a waste of fierceness over there.


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Penny Penny Pincher

By The Starving Stylist on 1/17/2010

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Smuggles before & after.

Desperate times call for desperate measures and unfortunately Smuggles, my former ceramic piggybank was sacrificed to solve that desperate measure. With such a stunned expression and a tear of sweat on his forehead, he knew the day was soon coming and that day would be the day my credit card payment was due.

Anyways many apologies for the lack of updates or quality entries, I’ve been busy pinching pennies and job hunting, but things are looking up for me and I can feel it. . .well at least that’s what my horoscope says.

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F.A.Q. with the Starving Stylist

By The Starving Stylist on 1/13/2010

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F.A.Q. with the Starving Stylist

“. . .looking at photographs, your quite tall. What is your height?”
Sure. . .I guess I’m pretty tall at 6 feet or 182 cm for an Asian, especially for the fact that I come from a Vietnamese background where the average height for males is about 5’8.
Besides from my eclectic fashion sense which already has me screaming for attention, can you even imagine the kind of looks I get every time I waltz into an Asian Supermarket while trailing behind my mother who barely stands tall at 5 feet? It’s pretty priceless.

“I’ve noticed that you only pose on your left side in pictures. Is there a reason for that?”
I like to pose on my left because it’s my, “I-refuse- to-show-that-I'm-fat-with-a-lazy-eye-and-a-double-chin” side. I’m honestly just more photogenic comfortable on my left side that’s all.

“…did you ever consider pursuing a modelling career?”
Sure I considered it, just as much as I dream of owning my own Hermes Birkin 40 in orange clemence leather with platinum plated hardware, it’s just far from ever becoming remotely true.

“I saw that you have you tongue pierced. I want to get one myself but I’m afraid of pain! Did it hurt?”
I would be lying to you if I said it didn’t hurt because it did. I only blame it on the fact that the moron who pierced it did a shitty job and underestimated the pressure the first time and had to re-puncture the hole a second time. Weak bastard. But don’t let my bad experience scare or discourage you because I still came back and got another body piercing not too long after but this time in a place below my head level ;)

“…as a guy, you have quite a large handbag collection. So are ‘murses’ the must have thing for guys now?”
I LOATHE the word ‘murse’. I find it such a pigeonhole word with a negative connotation. But to answer you question, ‘murses’ are not for every guy and they shouldn’t have to be. I just find it practical to carry your necessities in a bag rather than shoving every single little thing in your pant pockets, which then give you bulges in places where there shouldn’t be.

“…Marc Jacobs is rockin’ it and so is a handful of other male fashion innovators, what is your opinion on men wearing skirts? Would you rock it?”
Unless I decided to do drag and had 6inch stilettos, I wouldn’t be caught dead in a skirt. But kudos to Mr. Jacobs and for all the fashion innovators who are able to rock the look with so much confidence though, I on the other hand would like to avoid breeze underneath my legs.

“Do you really STARVE yourself in order to have all these material things you own?”
Not entirely. I still eat of course, I just would rather spend my lunch money on a new pair of Prada shoes than on a meal that I know will eventually come out of my system one way or another.

“…I really admire the way you are so confident and comfortable in the way you dress as a guy, but are there times when you feel uncomfortable that you don’t fit in or whether you know people are talking negatively about you? How do you deal with it?”
Take it like a grain of salt and brush it off. People talk smack about me ALL THE TIME! From the front, back and even around the bloody corner! I’m still having a hard time thickening my skin, but I just continue to do what I love because at the end of the day, you only have yourself to impress and make happy.

***Thank you everyone for their comments, questions, emails, love letters and hate mail! Y'all definitely make my day a whole lot interesting so please continue to show the love. xo

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I found Waldo. He was just hanging out in the closet with my Dolce & Gabbana.

By The Starving Stylist on 1/09/2010

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Blazer: H&M. Shirt: ZARA. Vest: HAWKINGS McGILL. Jeans: DIESEL. Boots: ALDO.
Belt: D&G. Bracelets: URBAN OUTFITTERS.

If you couldn’t tell already by looking at my ridiculously obnoxious in-your-face branded belt in the picture, this is an outfit inspiration from the recognizable D&G Men`s Spring/Summer 2010 Collection.

I’m generally NOT the type to trot around town with any major brand name logos stamped anywhere on my clothing. I would never want to look like a trashy walking billboard so I avoid that at all cost but I thought the belt was quite fitting for this look.

I don’t mind when logo-whoring is done tastefully, with subtlety and with cause. But if I can recognize every single brand of your entire logo-screaming outfit, from head to toe and from a mile away without taking a second glance, then you might want to re-consider NOT dressing up like a douche-bag tool next time when going out.

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The STARVING Astrologist

By The Starving Stylist on 1/05/2010

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Model: Anastasija Kondratjeva - Photographer: Matt Irwin
Photo Credits: www.thefashiontime.com

With nothing else better to do with my so-called-fabulous life, I have recently picked up an amusing obsession for astrology. Skeptic or not, without a doubt the study of astrology and horoscope reading is pretty interesting.

Me, being born a Cancer sign got the complete shitty end of the stick, which explains why I’m so damn bloody emotional all the time! Cancers, like a crab have a rock hard exterior but we’re complete soft mushes deep-down inside our shells, but that doesn’t mean we won’t bitch slap you and rip you a new one if you ever wrongfully crossed us. It just means that we’re sensitive but extra feisty.

Anyways, so since my fashion career seems to be going down the drain faster than dishwasher fluid, maybe I should shift gears and try the WHORESCOPE reading business? Ummmm okay maybe NOT because I would make an ugly Miss Cleo in my belted and floral printed muumuu. On a side note: I’m on the prowl for any SCORPIOS out there! So hollaaaaaa!

So, what's your horoscope sign?

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Ringing in 2010 with some MEAVAGE.

By The Starving Stylist on 1/01/2010

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Double Breasted Blazer: GUY LAROCHE. Tank: VINCE. Jeans: ACNE. Shoes: PRADA.

Call me a SLUT, but no matter what the season, I’m all about exposed ankles, wrists, collar bones and of course MEAVAGE, better known as man-cleavage.

Not to be mistaken for man boobs, meavage is usually formed by prominent pectoral muscles, which I pathetically have little of.
It’s quite a risqué look and definitely NOT FOR EVERYONE. Expect a lot of attention, whether it’s good or bad because like what my good girlfriend would say, “If you got it, flaunt it!” But then again, I am taking advice from a bitchy blonde with looks that could rival Barbie and boobs the size of basketballs, so I might have to do some reevaluating.

p.s. Yes, it was bloody fucking cold if you were wondering! I obviously have a ridiculous floor-length overcoat hidden in the background to keep me warm but since I’m parading around like buffoon, I’ll just have to make do and suck it up.

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