Starving Stylist Essentials for 2010

By The Starving Stylist on 12/29/2009

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“The time to relax is when you don't have time for it.”

--Sydney J. Harris

I have concluded that 2009 was a fabulously SHIT-tastic sort of year filled with nothing but hurtful heartache/break, mental break-downs, drunken club scraps and major BITCH fits. I’m basically surprised that I have yet to change my name from the Starving Stylist to the SCORNFUL Stylist. Therefore, my 2010 New Year’s resolution is to basically relax and to NOT sweat the small stuff. So to help me get started, this is MY Top 5 Essentials which will assist me through 2010.

1) Mighty Leaf Brand Green Tea Tropical Tea: Not much of a coffee drinker that I am, green tea is the next best thing for my daily dose of caffeine. Besides from being a great antioxidant it’s also helpful in weight-loss management . . . so need I say more, Fatty?

2) Shu Uemura Deep Sea Water Facial Mist: Besides a double vodka on the rocks, this spray is the next best thing to help get you little refreshed and revived when life is feeling a little dull. It’s great for instant hydration and invigoration of the spirit and skin; I like to call this my "liquid cocaine".

3) A luxurious presidential bath robe: Definitely warmer and plusher to lounge around in
than a stupid Snuggie blanket. Perfect for comfortable nights in, solemnly watching sappy chick flicks and feeling pitiful for the possibility of dying alone and single. Also, don’t worry about feeling like a fat ass, it only comes in one size. One point for the ego!

4) Moleskine Notebook: Journaling, doodling, writing wish lists or even plotting your next REVENGE, these classy and lavish books are perfect for little life’s thoughts that are too TABOO to mention out loud.

5) Kiehl's Lip Balm #1: With feisty words spitting out of ones mouth, one needs to have lips perfectly treated at all times since lip reading could sometimes be a lot more powerful than words itself.

So, what's your necessary essential for the New Year?


A Little Ferragamo Underneath My Christmas Tree

By The Starving Stylist on 12/26/2009

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Salvatore Ferragamo "Lince" Boot w/ Buckle Strap.

Besides a gag-worthy box of Pot of Gold chocolates and a Snuggie blanket that I received for Christmas this year, look what Santa surprised me with underneath my artificial Christmas tree! A luxurious brand new pair of boots I can swagger around and trample all over idiot morons with! Who cares about Puss in Boots because y’all better watch out for this BITCH IN BOOTS! Thank you Santa! xoxo

So what did y’all find under your Christmas tree this year?


The 100th Post

By The Starving Stylist on 12/22/2009

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Trench: H&M. Turtleneck: CLUB MONACO. Jeans: MOSCHINO. Shoes: GUESS BY MARCIANO.

Happy 100th post to the Starving Stylist. I started this blog less than a year and already it has caused quite a stir, who knew so many people would be so drawn to the bitchy life of me. If MTV gave me a reality show, it would definitely be a scandalous hit that could rival The Hills.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all my loyal readers and followers, thank you for all the love and support. But another note, apologies to the handful of individuals that I’ve unintentionally and accidentally trampled over while blogging. This blog was something that was meant to be fun, carefree and a place where I could express myself, but instead I got caught up in my own bitterly selfish world and didn’t realize the things I would spill out of my mouth could be so malicious and hurtful. I’m sorry. As for the haters, thanks for giving me something to laugh at.

Anyways, much love from the Starving Stylist.
See you next year bitches xoxo

Photographs taken by the lovely Jennilee Marigomen.

Born Label Whore

By The Starving Stylist on 12/20/2009

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If your unfortunate like me, you were probably born a label whore too.

Who needs Santa when your two best friends are Visa & Mastercard

By The Starving Stylist on 12/18/2009

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Rubber Boots & Belt: GUCCI. Trench Coat: BURBERRY.

Who needs Santa when your two best friends are Visa & Mastercard!

My two best friends are horrible influences and they always seem to encourage me to spend more money than I make. But in my strong defense and in their full support, life living in rainy Vancouver wouldn’t be complete without a fabulous NEW trench and chic NEW rain boots because everyone knows it rains about 300 out of 365 days a year in this damn forsaken city. And as for the NEW belt and with every reason why I buy them, it helps me keep my pants up after I loose all that weight from STARVING in order to have enough money to pay off my credit card debts!

So, what item(s) have you spoiled yourself with this holiday season?


Life as I know it . . .or what’s left of it.

By The Starving Stylist on 12/15/2009

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In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.
--Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco" Chanel

  • THE GAGA: The Lady Gaga concert in Vancouver, which I attended, was “FUCKING AMAZING”. . . .well that’s what all my friends keep telling me because I was too shitfaced from all the copious amounts of alcohol on an empty stomach to remember anything. All I can recall is a lot of dancing, screaming, singing, swearing and drinking, which basically sums up a perfect fun night out for me.

  • THE MISUNDERSTANDING: Part of my job as an Ambassador at work is to smile and greet people, but unfortunately some are getting the wrong signal and think that I’m attracted to them. This would totally work out in my favour if I had more attractive people hitting on me at work or anywhere for that matter but I ALWAYS seem to magnetize all the jacked-up lunatics with holes in their shoes the size of golf balls, who actually have the guts to ask me out on a date.

  • THE PRIZE: I recently inherited my fathers prized watch which used to belong to my grandfather back in Vietnam. It’s an authentic automatic Rado watch with a gold face and real diamond time markings. It’s an amazing gift with so much history and love that I wouldn’t dare trade it in for anything else. . . .welllll. . . .unless if it was Chopard's "Super Ice Cube" watch, which is dripping in 66.16 carat diamonds, than I might have to pray forgiveness to good ol’gramps!

  • THE NEED: I’ve decided the only thing I need for the Christmas is a really good spa package! A foot rub, back massage, facial . . .I want the fucking works! This standing at work for 9 hours a day in extremely uncomfortable but beautiful designer shoes is taking a toll on my body. But I guess pain is the price I pay for beauty.

  • THE FAME: Not to sound vain in any of way possible, but I’m finally tasting the fame of the Starving Stylist. I knew that I had a LOYAL base of readers but who the hell knew that one day I would be pulled aside on the busy street by strangers or approached at work by customers only to be graciously complemented about my blog or better yet have my secret infatuation express how much they enjoy reading about my rants and raves! *swooooooon*

  • Sincerely, thank you to all my readers and your support! Y’all make me seriously blush bright red like a fat kid who just ran half a block down the street! And if you want more of me, then I suggest you follow me on Twitter because I definitely update that a lot more than this blog!

    p.s. photo credits to Michael R.B. Gibson & Christine Nguyen. Thanx for taking pictures you guys since I was too intoxicated to remember that I brought a camera! xoxo


    I Want to Ride on Her Disco Stick

    By The Starving Stylist on 12/10/2009

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    Lady Gaga for Elle Magazine January 2010 by Tom Munro

    No words could possibly describe how much I love this disco-stick-humping bitch. I swear to lord that every single possible homo out there in this world and their fag-hags love Lady Gaga. From her incredible works of music and performing to her amazingly ridiculous fashions down to her ability to act as a public figure, she is the definition of what we call undoubted talent. So if I were to die, reincarnate and inherit their closet, lord bloody hell damn it better be this bitch.

    Anyways, I’ll be busting out my poker face in about 24 hours for Gaga’s final concert in Vancouver on Friday night. I’m so EXCITED that I’m just a twitch away from wetting myself. I have absolutely NO idea what I will be sporting to the concert but I have an urge to rip my 4-year-old niece’s Hello Kitty plush toy’s head off and duck taping it to my forehead. . . Walk, walk fashion baby, work it, move that bitch crazy! . . . totally Lady Gaga Couture no?

    So any suggestions what I should wear then?


    Double Denim Dilemma

    By The Starving Stylist on 12/06/2009

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    Denim Jacket & Cowl-Neck Sweater: GAP. Pants: H&M. Scarf & Fingerless Gloves: URBAN OUTFITTERS. Boots: DOC MARTEN. Sunglasses: TOM FORD.

    This is how I think denim jackets should be worn, which is basically wearing a different type of pant bottom that is NOT made out of a denim material. I absolutely LOATHE when I see people in “Double Denim” outfits. Paring denim jackets with jean bottoms, I find is completely TACKY, especially when you’re trying to match the tones of the two denims but you fail because it’s off by a completely different colour scale.

    Yes. Uh huh, I know that double denim is currently sweeping the runways in Paris and Milan. Hit collections such as Balmain and the very much of D&G Men’s Spring/Summer 2010 is oozing with double denim, but unless your a rail-thin model or is over 6feet tall with a body chiselled to absolute perfection and with ridiculously attractive looks that SCREAM SEX, then double denim ain’t for you. So DON'T do it.


    All I Want for Christmas and a Bag of Chips.

    By The Starving Stylist on 12/02/2009

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    Dear Sugar Daddy. . .*ahem*. . I mean SANTA,

    I know that I’m on top of your NAUGHTY list (again) where you have my name bolded, highlighted and circled for your attention. I’ve been a greedy bastard all year, but that’s not going to stop me from asking demanding the following things I WANT for Christmas this year. Besides, I’ve unselfishly made my Holiday Wish List substantially more affordable and attainable this year when compared to the years before!

    Wishing for peace on earth? You can start that by spoiling me with a new designer handbag because I’m sure that will keep me quiet and less volatile, without the urge to set the city block on fire. Anyways, I pinky swear to be a smidgen nicer next year, okay?
    Thank you much, love ya.


    1) Burberry Modern Fit Trench Coat in Dark Mushroom (size 38R). $1,295
    2) ToyWatch Heavy Metal Plasteramic Watch in Silver Chrono White. $375
    3) David Yurman 14mm Black Onyx Split-Shank Albion Ring (size 8). $575
    4) Bose Sound Dock - Series II Digital Music System in Silver. $279
    5) The Prada Book. $125
    6) Louis Vuitton Medium Ring Agenda in EPI Rubis Coloured Leather. $555
    7) La Mer The Hand Treatment. $100
    8) Jo Malone London Grapefruit Cologne $120
    9) Slow & Steady Wins The Race - No.19 Luxe 4-sided Birkin Bag. $1,150
    10) Yves Saint Laurent Zabriskie 2.5inch Heeled Boots in Black Leather (size 10). $895