Murder on the Bedroom Floor.

By The Starving Stylist on 10/29/2009

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Asymmetrical zip sweater: DIESEL BLACK GOLD. T-shirt: AMERICAN APPAREL.
Jeans: RA-RE. Distressed Boots: DOC MARTEN. Bag: BALENCIAGA.

My Balenciaga is my pride and joy. It was my first major designer hand bag purchase and it basically cost me an arm and a leg! I treat it like my child and basically LOST MY SHIT when my brother accidentally ripped one of the leather tassels off by 'accident' while vacuuming . . . Yes, by VACUUMING! It was like a murder scene when I walked into my bedroom. My Balenciaga sitting on the floor next to Louis by my bed, but one of its ripped tassels lying in front of my closet from the other side of the room! Of course, my brother thought I was overreacting and just PLAIN FUCKING CRAZY, but I believe I was being quite rash and mature of the situation even though he just brutally ripped a leather detail off from my brand new $2,200 lamb skin leather hand bag!

So the lesson of the day is to KEEP YOUR DESIGNER HANDBAG IN THE DUST BAG WHEN NOT IN USAGE . . . and to lock up your bedroom from intruders and man(bag)slaughterers!


A Slutty Halloween with the Starving Stylist

By The Starving Stylist on 10/26/2009

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“Halloween is the one night a year when girls can dress like a total SLUT and no other girls can say anything about it.”
-Cady, Mean Girls

I have mutual feelings about Halloween, I don’t love it nor hate it. I just believe that it’s the one day out of 365, which everything fashionable has gone down the sink-garburator and that you are basically allowed to dress up like a complete fool or a cheap looking whore without having bad judgement passed at you.

But for someone like me who doesn’t really take Halloween too seriously, I awfully struggle every single year with an idea of a costume of some sort. Sometimes I think to myself, maybe I should just walk out in public on Halloween in mis-matched oversized clothes, socks with holes in them and a pair of Crocs and just be a complete, “Haute Mess” (No pun intended to fellow fab blogger AHauteMess xoxo).

This year, I was originally planning to dress up as a “DOUCHEBAG” and sport a complete bejewelled Ed Hardy/Christian Audigier outfit from head to toe—bejewelled cap, flashy hooded sweatshirt, white sneakers, dark Versace sunglasses, Louis Vuitton man-purse worn across the chest and diamond chains around the neck . . . but I was afraid of getting SHOT so I completely canned the idea.

So with only a handful of days left before Halloween, I have finally thought of a costume worth cheering about and it’s something your alpha male of a father would definitely NOT approve of. . .a male cheer-a-leader! Yup, NO joke and NO turning back now. I’m completely throwing out my self-respect and self-dignity out the stained-glass windows for one night and I’m being a cheer-a-leader with shorts SO SHORT, I might have to worry about my man jewels spilling out!

So what are YOU being for Halloween this year?


A Starving Stylist Cardinal Rule. . .

By The Starving Stylist on 10/23/2009

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2 for 1 Special, Steven Meisel

A Starving Stylist Cardinal Rule: ALWAYS look your best, regardless of the time and place that you may be in.

Call me SNOBBISH, completely crazy or a pure slave of fashion, but I would not dare leave the house without looking prim and remotely proper. I would rather slit my wrists and bleed all over my Pradas than be caught dead in public sporting oversized heather grey sweatpants and shoes that are even embarrassing to wear to the gym!

YES ALRIGHT, I’ve been spotted at my worst a few times in public in the past by professional colleagues and with their brows raised so high up at me in disgust—you would have thought it was drawn on! But that’s not that fact of my obviously high maintenance rule. I’ve come to believe that looking your best will make you feel your best. It’s a great way to build confidence so WHY would you EVER want to spoil that by leaving the house looking like a loony spinster that does jig-saw puzzles all day with her cats?

Besides from looking your best and the way it builds confidence, Lord knows who you may bump into?! Maybe our grade 9 teacher’s assistant who’s still ridiculously gorgeous or that hot server from Cactus Club, whom you always ask to get served by?! *blushes* Because ya. . . likke you know, situations likke that can likke. . . happen to you . . likke you know. . .

Well that’s just my two cents of the day. Take it, leave it, eat it or shit it. Just don’t be surprised if you come across a picture of yourself in your disastrous outfit on my blog in the filth riddenWhat Not to Wear” section. xoxo


Vancouver Has Style

By The Starving Stylist on 10/19/2009

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Recently photographed by the amazing photographer extraordinaire and style spotter, Paul Melo of StyleQuotient, I was fortunate enough to represent 1 of 7 amazingly chic individuals with style in Vancouver for an editorial in a Toronto based magazine called, CONTRA.

To be able to represent style in Vancouver alongside with such a selective handful of great personalities in the city, I am entirely grateful and honoured and would like to send my sincere gratitude to Paul Melo again for this opportunity. Thank you!!

So. . . whoever said that Vancouver lacks style, well they OBVIOUSLY have yet to cross paths with the following seven people (including I) on the streets of this city! But then again, by looking this incredibly FIERCE, who would even dare try to cross us?


Look of the Day: Just Belt It.

By The Starving Stylist on 10/17/2009

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JUST BELT IT”—These three words are my answer to everything. I’ve preached it a lot in the past but never have I really practiced it on myself until now. This Marc by Marc jacket was a frustratedI’m itching to buy something ASAP” purchase at the Marc Jacobs store in Vegas last summer. This regretful and complete impulse purchase has been sitting in the back of my closet for the past year and hasn’t seen the light of day until now when I debuted out at the Boy’s Co 25th Anniversary Party and Fashion show a few days ago.

Since the jacket is two sizes two big for me, belting it was the answer. I felt a LITTLE ridiculous in the beginning belting my jacket but after a few handful of cocktails, the only thing I noticed that was ridiculous were the HUGE (literally) douchebags in graphic t-shirts with more bling and rhinestones on them than the bling around their girlfriend’s necks and hands.

So like the sayin’ goes, “Boy you betta werkkkkkkkkkkk!



Look of the Day: Goin' Back to My Roots

By The Starving Stylist on 10/14/2009

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Jacket: H&M. T-shirt: AMERICAN APPAREL. Jeans: AG JEANS. Sneakers: MARC JACOBS.

I grew up in East Vancouver and I’m not ashamed of it. I might exaggerate the idea of how ghetto it may be, but it’s seriously not bad whatsoever! Okay okay OKAY SURE, I used to carry a tactical baton as a weapon in my school book bag back in high school and I always used to have my house keys neatly clenched in-between my knuckles everytime when I walked home for protection, but it wasn’t that bad, I pinky swear it wasn’t! Besides now-a-days, I drive everywhere, so if anything people should be afraid of my reckless poor driving rather then getting jumped and robbed in the east side!


Trouble Comes in Multiples.

By The Starving Stylist on 10/12/2009

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Imagine a gang of style-ENVIED boys like this swaggering down the street, at the shops, in a bar or at the clubs, it basically screams nothing but trouble. And the scarier part . . . this is only one half of the group. Others to take note: The last brainless moron at the bar that made a lame idiotic boyband remark to us, we made jagermeister come out of EVERY SINGLE HOLE out of his face. I can only imagine what else would have happened to him if we were annoyed even more.


Drugs in my Gucci

By The Starving Stylist on 10/10/2009

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Just like EVERYONE else in Vancouver right now, I have the flu. It’s absolutely disgusting how many people I know that are sick right now! What bothers me even more is the handful of people that I have caught around town sporting surgical masks as if it was the new accessory from the runways of Paris!

I’m carrying nothing but over-the-counter drugs in my Gucci bag. Nyquil, Tylenol, Advil, Neo-Citran, Buckley’s, you name it I probably have it. I’ve been completely sedated with all these antihistamines in my system that I enjoy the taste of Buckley’s cough syrup and I basically take shots of it like Patron tequila just for fun.

With the flu making my body ache and sore in every place possible, that has still not enabled me to continue to get primped, pressed and force myself out of the house to at least enjoy somewhat my long Thanksgiving weekend in town. I just figure that just because I feel like a doughy sack of shit that’s about to pass out drooling at any moment, I shouldn’t have to let others know. Spatula that concealer on over them dark under-eyes, powder the nose with extra bronzer, down another entire bottle of Nyquil and I’ll be good as new. . .sorta.

Anyways since its Thanksgiving in Canada, I want to say that I am thankful for our not-so-lousy healthcare in our nation. Lord Bless. Happy Thanksgiving Y’all xoxo


Q & A w/ The Starving Stylist

By The Starving Stylist on 10/07/2009

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How did you come up with the name of your blog? I’m the type to starve in order to save up enough money for a lusted pair of shoes or that latest designer handbag even though my stomach would be growling immensely and my speech was slurring, therefore giving myself the name THE STARVING STYLIST.

When where you introduced to fashion? As a young enfant, my mother was a master seamstress. She made me tons of ridiculous outfits that were vomiting with colour and prints. Still today she is my go-to-tailor for any quick fix. My sister also designed clothes and was an amazing esthetician that could make any skank look classy and any whore less horrible and one of my brothers had a strong interest in photography, who often used me as a muse for photographing.

How do you describe your style? Comfortable casual with a hint of street edge and a touch of designer. I love my t-shirt and jeans but I also love anything that’s expensive and screaming with a b
rand name on it.

What made you start a fashion blog? PURE BOREDOM. I had just finished post-secondary school and w
as out of a job; therefore, I started to blog to keep myself busy instead of knitting myself tacky chunky sweaters and playing board games with my cats like a loony spinster

What do you think you bring to the fashion blog world? A sassy and humorous opinion to everything in fashion. I’m tired of the super emotional, slit-my-wrist with a stiletto types of blogs. It’s great to speak your voice but fashion is supposed to be fun so why not laugh and enjoy yourself ?

How is your style different than everyone else? It’s the ATITITUDE that I carry out in my outfits that makes it different from everyone else. Call it fierce or just plain bitchy but it’s my alluring and apparent confidence that makes my style who I am.

Who is your inspiration? MY FRIENDS. Whether their trying to help me lace my over-the-knee high boots up, sew sequins to my blazer or helping me get my mind out of the gutter by feeding me artery-clogging fast-foods, I live for my friends. Each and every single one of them is so different and uniquely fucked-up in their own way and that’s why I love them.

What impression do you want to leave on the people that visits your blog? That I’m not actually a materialistic driven whore that’s out there trying to gold-dig for loose change in your sofa. That I’m actually just like everyone else out there in search of self-actualization and belonging in the world. But I guess in my case, I can easily find happiness and fulfillment in a new Louis Vuitton bag too.

Questionaire Credits to Fashion Jinx


The next best thing to sex? CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN CHAMPAGNE!

By The Starving Stylist on 10/02/2009

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Hearing the words Louboutin and Champange used in the same sentence makes my entire body tingle and lips smack. But the fact that Christian Louboutin has launched his own limited edition champagne in partnership with champagne house Piper Heidsieck, I’m in complete awe and my lips are plumping blood red right now from my constant lip biting of want! That “Le Rituel Box Set” which includes an iconic red-sole crystal stiletto and a bottle of sparkling HOLY water is currently on my must have & lust list!


Look of the Day: Tools in my Prada

By The Starving Stylist on 10/02/2009

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I originally was wearing my caramel coloured Doc Martens with this outfit when I left my house. Already more than half way down the block, I slammed the car brakes with my steel toe boots and said to myself while staring at the rear-view mirrors, “I look like a FUCKING LUMBERJACK, hauling tools around in a PRADA!

So of course, without caring that I was already late for an appointment, I spun my car around back home and had a quick footwear change! Feeling more confident and less Brokeback Mountain, I was ready for my appointment but I was pretty sure my appointment was ready for me like 45 minutes ago. Ooops! But FASHIONABLY late than never, right?