"Satisfy Your Material Appetite"

By The Starving Stylist on 9/30/2009

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“Smile” for Pig Magazine – Photographer: Chris Heads

P.S. Check out my ridiculously fierce (well at least to me) photographs from
Style Quotient


Look of the Day: A Fall Fashion Affair

By The Starving Stylist on 9/24/2009

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Jacket: DIESEL. Cardigan: CLUB MONACO. Shirt: ARMANI JEANS. Pants: H&M. Boots: DSQUARED2. Scarf: VINTAGE. Bag: MIU MIU.

As good or even possibly bad as I may look, I was perspiring enough sweat in this outfit to fill a kiddie pool to play in! I attended the Oakridge Centre Fall Fashion Affair to fulfill my duties as the mall’s style ambassador and since Vancouver’s weather is so unpredictably RIDICULOUS, I was UNCOMFORTABLY warm the whole entire time at the fashion show. All I wanted to be in was cut-off denim shorts and a racer tank top, but how good of a representative would I be if I showed up dressed like that? Agurh. So I bit my tongue, patted off my sweat and chanted quietly to myself, “style over comfort, style over comfort, STYLE OVER COMFORT!” . . .Lord dammit! The things I do sometimes as a slave for fashion, no wonder so many people think I’m insane!


"Life is Like Photography, You Develop from the Negatives."

By The Starving Stylist on 9/22/2009

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I’m currently a proud new owner of an digital SLR camera. It’s nothing too fancy. It’s an easy point-and-shoot type that any slobbering idiot or Starving Stylist can function without causing too much mental strain. I’m still completely new at the focusing techniques and I get completely lost when I’m fiddling around in the camera menu, but I can manage.

I might have maxed out another one of my handful of credit cards due to the spoiling purchase of this digital beauty, but I’m prepared to max out yet another as I go searching for a carrying case for my camera and I’m NOT interested in any tacky embarrassing-foreign-tourist type in a nylon or micro-fibre material. A luxurious latticework leather Bottega Veneta or a coveted Goyard bag might be of interest right now for my camera carrier of choice. . .but for the moment, I’ll just keep it safe in last fall’s runway bowlers bag from Miu Miu.


Look of the Day: 'Feeling Fat Today' Jeans

By The Starving Stylist on 9/18/2009

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Oddly enough, these Diesel jeans are probably the most loosely fitting and straight legged denims I own, also known as my 'feeling fat today' jeans. Actually I LIE, I still like to rock out my Dsquareds from time to time even though they’re two sizes too big but I refuse to give them up after spending every pretty penny I had when I bought them during the time I was tragically 'OVERWEIGHT'!

Now I’m sitting perfectly snug in a 28 jean size and comfortably in a 29. BUT regardless, I still take home the size 28 when I’m shopping in hopes that it will encourage me to stay thin and if that doesn’t work . . . I may have to resort to framing embarrassing and SOCIAL-MURDERING photos of myself when I was thicker to torture myself rail thin. Ohhhh the life of the Starving Stylist. . . .


Spotted: What Not to Wear

By The Starving Stylist on 9/16/2009

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DFilthFor all the single souls out there in search for love, there are plenty of fish in the water, so PLEASE DON’T get caught in a polyester/rayon fishing net like this poor innocent girl who showed up to the nightclub TRAGICALLY dressed like this. . . May Uncle Karl bless her unfashionable soul and chipper heart because this girl is need of a dire makeover!

P.S. Excuse the shit quality of the photo, the camera capabilities of a BlackBerry is complete garbage.


The Starving Stylist for 'styleCanvas' Magazine

By The Starving Stylist on 9/14/2009

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To all my loyal readers, devoted followers and CREEPY stalkers, The Starving Stylist is currently featured in a three-page article in styleCanvas Magazine.

styleCanvas is a locally independent magazine that "seeks to emphasize the value of discovering one's personal take on a STYLE-concious outlook.” The magazine is a great source of inspiration that helps readers develop and enhance their individual style. So pick up a copy, which are available on UBC campuses and selected boutiques and salons in Vancouver.

I would like to send a lot of gratitude to Sandy Young, Editor-in-Chief of styleCanvas, for giving me the wonderful opportunity to write for her magazine. I would also like to express my MAJOR LOVE & THANKS to my loyal readers, devoted followers and yes, YOU creepy stalkers too, for actually enjoying and reading about me bitch just about everything in my life on my personal blog. This is my one step closer to WORLD DOMINATION so, thanks bitches!


Look of the Day: These Boots Aren’t Just Made for Walking.

By The Starving Stylist on 9/11/2009

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Asymmetrical buttoned wool blazer: DIESEL BLACK GOLD. Striped shirt: VINTAGE. Jeans: ACNE. Over-the-knee boots: BROWNS ID. Belt: HERMES

These over-the-knee flat boots are the newest edition to my collection of footwear. They’re unfortunately not the pair of Louis Vuitton Voluptuous Flat High Boot I obsessed and drooled all over in the previous post, but these luxurious specimens are just filling enough to satisfy my fashion starving appetite.

I might look like a try hard equestrian in this outfit that spends more time grooming himself than his horses but at least mastermind Jean Paul Gaultier for Hermes would be pleased to catch me in this look!


The Disoriented Stylist.

By The Starving Stylist on 9/08/2009

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I am literally the worst person when it comes to remembering people’s names. I totally have dementia and a hard time remembering things. I blame it on the fall I had one time when I was riding a bike without a helmet because I didn’t want helmet hair and as a result to the price of beauty over safety, I WENT STUPID!

I could have been introduced to you about 3 minutes ago and still without a sip of a cocktail of some sort, I would have completely forgotten your name and wouldn’t have a clue of the first letter! So about end of the night I would just swagger around at the party referring to everyone as ‘hun’ or ‘babe’ and pretending that I knew who they were.

But that’s not even the tip of the iceberg of embarrassing things that I’ve done. The absolute worst is when I introduce myself to someone thinking that I have not met them, but really I already have, and that person would reply, “We’ve met, nice to see you again, Peter”. OUCH. FML! I am completely guilty of doing this numerous times and I should be shot in the face with a paint ball gun because it is the rudest, humiliating and disrespectful thing, which I never intentionally mean to do! So, now I just keep my mouth closed and smile with my eyes, hoping that others would just introduce themselves to me. However with my severe dementia, I would just end up referring to them as ‘hun’ later in the night anyways!

Natalia Vodianova for Steven Meisel

But then again, if you were this bitch pictured above who CRASHED a party (no pun intended), looking fabulous like this, I would definitely remember and would want to know a lot more than just your name!


Posh Will Always Be My Favorite Spice Mom!

By The Starving Stylist on 9/04/2009

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I could care less on what others may think, but no words could express how much I LOVE this fabulously emaciated looking BITCH and her damn forbidden GORGEOUS family.

She was always my favorite Spice Girl and will always have a soft spot somewhere in cold-blooded heart next to my secret love for McDonald’s cheeseburgers *ahem* So, when I saw Vicky grace the cover of October’s issue of ELLE Magazine, I just about shit myself because after racking up a huge bill from picking up every September fashion issue on newsstands, I don’t even have any chump change to spare for one more magazine. Agurh! WHATEVER. I don’t often read ELLE Magazine anyways, so I’ll just go to 7-11 or the nearest bookstore and hide in the corner to read the article on her!
That’s $4.99 well saved if I may say!


Current Obsession: Louis Vuitton Voluptuous Flat High Boot

By The Starving Stylist on 9/01/2009

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I’m disregarding the fact that these are women’s riding boots because I’m 110% sure that I can rock these bad boys just as good or EVEN BETTER than any 5’9” emaciated BITCH, off the streets of Paris! Even though these boots would just add to my collection of 526413 pairs of boots that I own—I would still gladly sacrifice my beloved car for these Louis Vuitton beauties. And by surrendering my vehicle, it would give me some great excuse to make good use of my 526413 (+1) pairs of boots by walking just about everywhere in the city. Right?