By The Starving Stylist on 7/28/2009

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Okay people, you have EXACTLY two days left to VOTE for my photograph taken by the gorgeous and fellow blogger, A HAUTE MESS. PLEASE vote for our picture every day, once a day and on every computer in your household till Thursday in hopes of us becoming famous!

And SERIOUSLY, vote for our photograph IN THE NAME OF FASHION and GOOD STYLE! Because I swear on my Balenciaga, that I will suffocate myself to death with a dust bag if any of those tacky dressed old geezers beat me out in this contest!

If a hiking North Face jacket or a baby blue tuxedo or cargo pants worn with an ill-fitting shirt is considered good style, than Haute Couture must be dead and Yves Saint Laurent is giving everyone the middle finger from his grave! So please dear Lord, Vote for Niki and I!



Look of the day: Bleed For Fashion & The Starving Stylist @ Opus

By The Starving Stylist on 7/26/2009

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Bleed For Fashion & The Starving Stylist
Put two fashion blogging divas in one room and expect nothing but designer labels and a whole lot of FABULOUSNESS. Love you Lily xoxo

On HER: Sequin slip dress & tube slip dress: FREE PEOPLE. Pumps: CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN. Clutch: LOUIS VUITTON.



Douchebag Fashions Killed Fashion

By The Starving Stylist on 7/24/2009

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I just wanted to say THANK YOU to all the Ed Hardy loving Douchebags and Douchebaguettes out there who have ruined fashion for us all! Mucho gracias hijo de puta! Ai papi!

My perception of style has completely changed and just the idea of wearing anything with skulls, tattooed inspired or anything bejewelled that is NOT Balmain, makes me want to gag myself in agony. Don’t get me wrong and I won’t lie because I did go through an embarrassing Ed Hardy & Christian Audigier phase with the bejeweled caps and flashy gotti detailing, but that was like 8 seasons ago when it was kinda. . .well sorta. . .borderline cool?

Anyways my work place just received a few new Prada hand bags in-store for the fall season and one of the bags completely caught my eye. The beauty was a men’s black, calf leather, Prada tote with a skull and cross bow, which was intricately made out of sheet metal, nuts and bolts. Similar to the one picture to the left, BUT made in luxurious black leather instead of cheap nylon and with daunting signature Prada symbol place discreetly on the side instead of the front.

I ooohed, ahhhed and sashayed around my work place with the bag as if it had always been mine, but being the analytical character that I am and being on the verge of debt, I had to resist myself from purchasing another handbag especially of one with a Douchebag’s insignia logo on it.

It’s a gorgeous SIMPLE bag and the leather material is so supple it’s to die for but it’s something about the damn skull that ignites all the hate I have for all that Affliction, Ed Hardy, etc crap. The skull is not even that bad looking (its kinda cute, actually) but I’m just completely bothered with the association that it comes with. So I had to put it down and walk away like I just broke off a long-term relationship. *sigh*

Oh my lordy . . . I’ve gone insane because I literally just turned my back on a Prada!


The SCORNFUL Stylist 2.0

By The Starving Stylist on 7/22/2009

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Being the outrageously vivacious, but overly sensitive person that I am, it’s normal (and completely annoying) for someone like me to be prone to drama.

I don’t know why, I seriously don’t but I’m a complete drama magnet like annoying pilling lint balls on a cashmere. It continuously follows me and literally gives me the temptation of mailing a request to MTV asking DEMANDING my own reality television show because with so much immature and soap-opera like garbage that happens in my life, I’m surprised I haven’t gone insane or gone into rehab. . . .yet.

I’ve cut off more than a handful of people out of my life in the past year because I can’t stand bullshit especially when my career path has no time and patience for nonsense. Sadly of course, another name was just recently added to my chart of ‘BLACKLISTED’, which is unfortunate because that SELFISH PITIFUL INDECISIVE FOOL meant a lot to me.

Too bad drama couldn’t be dealt the ol’fashion way like in high school, where you just meet up in the parking lot after school to scrap it out or even slam each other senseless in the bathroom stalls until someone is knocked unconscious. I think I would have a better time doing that and then walking away with my outfit adjusted, my hair fixed and my nose powdered without any resentful feelings left inside. But I've graduated and grown up. . .so I’ll just lambaste and butcher them on my blog instead.

“Law & Order” editorial for W Magazine. Shot by Steven Meisel


Life As I Currently Know it - Weekend Recap

By The Starving Stylist on 7/19/2009

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Private Industry Night // Grand Opening of VENUE Music Room – Vancouver

Being the huge joke socialite that I am in Vancouver, I gladly attended the invitation only grand opening of Venue Music Room with the intention of rubbing some elbows with some industry people, making new friends and to take advantage of the complimentary drinks of course!

So after being rubbed a couple times inappropriately and abusing the free booze, I basically stood in silence as indie rock band HOT HOT HEAT performed live on stage, while everyone around me danced and bounced around like five year olds on a sugar-high.

Obviously out of my usual element of swank, I stood there awkwardly not knowing if I should jump up or down or thrash my head back and forth . . . So I decided to wave my hands from side to side, kind of like a surrender of not knowing what the hell to do. Honest to lord, at that very moment, I would have traded in any of my Pradas to have Lady Gaga or Pitbull play! “. . .soooo let’s have some fun, this beat is sick, I wanna take a ride on your disco sti. . .”

Variety – The Children’s Charity Presents: Vol.1 Pop Culture Exclusive Charity Fundraiser @ River Rock Casino Show Theatre – Richmond

To enforce the idea again of being such a ‘local celebrity’ reject that I am, my bestest and I attended I did our act of humanitarian and attended a charity event for the Variety – Children’s Charity.

As we sat in front row watching Elise Estrada skank the stage and belch out songs like her career depended on it, we made friendly with Elise’s gorgeous and aspiring singing younger sister, Emmalyn Estrada, who sat right next to us.

Danny Fernandes also graced the stage, causing the female portion of the audience to loose their shit with his provocative gyrating smooth moves, which could make any Virgin blush coyly.

Live auction items took place throughout the night to raise money for the charity. Some of the items were a bit interesting RIDICULOUS, like an autographed television script from the show ‘24’ that sold for almost $300 bucks. WTF! But then again, it was not about what you were getting but more like what you were giving. . . . Ummmm yea sure, WHATEVER, that’s still $300 bucks for a pile of recycled loose leafs with some guy's chicken scratches on it!


Loathing My Job. . .

By The Starving Stylist on 7/16/2009

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—The Starving Stylist

I’ve learned to hate my job as a high end retail sales associate. The biggest pet peeve is the fact that I don’t understand how some people could have the audacity to barter at such exclusive high end retail stores like Louis Vuitton, Versace or Chanel. It’s like a sick joke and you always hope the customer will be say, “PSYCH! Just kidding!” right after your jaw drops in terror. But NOPE, some of these folks are actually dead serious.

Sure, they can fork out a couple thousand dollars with ease for a cashmere sweater with a tiny brand logo on the chest, but they ALWAYS want some kind of deal or freebie along with it. This ain’t a damn BOGO-“Buy one get one free” event at Playless Shoes, so please save yourself some dignity and save your discount comment elsewhere!

But sometimes, the worst part is when you have kindly told the thrifty cheap customer that there is no discount or deal on the item, they look at you as though you came from another planet or worse, they give you a PERVY glare in hopes for a little something else . . .*rolls eyes* AGURH, I honestly do not get paid enough money for the kind of ‘abuse’ I go through at work!


A Balenciaga Birthday

By The Starving Stylist on 7/10/2009

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It took 36 hours, a couple bitch-fits, a credit transfer, a bank authorization phone call, two cancelled and cut-up credit cards, three skipped meals and a bruised ego to get my BALENCIAGA, but it’s finally mine. 'Happy' Birthday to me.


The WORST thing that could happen to any FASHIONISTA/MISTER. . .

By The Starving Stylist on 7/08/2009

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I had my credit cards, ALL FOUR of them DECLINED at Holt Renfrew today and I literally was about to shoot myself in the face with embarrassment.

I had a TERRIBLE day at work and the days leading up to my birthday have seriously been discontent so I decided to purchase a major birthday gift for myself as a treat in hopes of making me feel better about my so-called-life, and that WAS going to be a luscious black lambskin leather flat clutch by Balenciaga.

To what I thought would be a major treat to myself for an awful day week turned into a shameful experience! For some damn forsaken reason, none of my credit cards (two of them from different banks) as well as my debit card could NOT be processed in the transaction.

I wanted to cry right on the spot because my week could not get any worse then it just did. And also, I honestly cannot imagine what kind of gong-show, shit-show or bitch-fest I will have this Saturday for my birthday if I'm still feeling like a sack of shit. I am not looking forward to this at all!

As I sit here typing this and on the verge of slitting my wrist, I still have no bloody idea what is wrong with my credit cards or bank account. I also have no idea what to do because shopping was the only thing I turned to when times were rough for me, but now I can’t even do it. Fuck my life and I hate birthdays!


The Starving Stylist for the WIN!

By The Starving Stylist on 7/03/2009

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Shirt: H&M. Jeans: Moschino. Shoes: Aldo. Belt: GAP. Bag: Balenciaga. Sunglasses: Gucci

Please vote for my photograph taken by Niki Blasina, better known as A Haute Mess, for the WIN in the LOULOU Magazine Street Style Contest.

The contest is a month long starting now and ending July 29, 2009. So, if you bitches love me long time, show Niki and I some love and VOTE for OUR photo EVERYDAY till the end of the contest! xoxo

hmmmmm. . . Coincidentally, my face is also the FIRST you see on the list of finalists so maybe it was meant to be! Also, in all honesty, I have a WHOLE LOT to say about many of the other candidates and their style which are definitely not nice like rainbows and bunnies in my book, but I’ll just bite my tongue till it bleeds and keep it ARTIFICIALLY sweet until the contest is over. . .*ahem* then I'll rip all of them a new one!

click HERE to vote.


I know EXACTLY what I want for MY birthday. . .

By The Starving Stylist on 7/02/2009

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Dominic Jones Jewelery

Nothing says, “Happy Birthday” than jewellery BUT nothing says, “I LOVE YOU” like Dominic Jones Jewellery! I am lusting right now over these spiky gold goodies and I actually really, really, REALLY like those diesel-dyke turned drag queen-like gloves with the white gold nails!
Ohh Lordy, besides the major damage these gorgeous pieces could do to your bank account, these bad boys could seriously take out an eye or two, but all in the good name of fashion of course.

View the Dominic Jones look book - HERE