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Surprise Homecoming

The Untitled heather white sweatshirt; Zara black leather-like joggers; ASOS black extra-long cotton tee; Nike Air Force 1 sneakers; Alexander Wang inside-out Rocco bag; Miansai Anchor Bracelet.


I made a surprise homecoming visit to Vancouver last week. I showed up at the front door of my parent’s place unannounced and just about gave my dear mother a heart attack. Tears of joy and shrieks of excitement and endless warm hugs ensued. It felt incredible to be home with my family again.

This time I only had 72 hours in town so I had to do as much as I could and when I say do I mean EAT as much home cooked food as possible. My mother even packed a little savoury treat for my trip back to Toronto that I preciously carried in my Louis V. carry-on and guarded it with my dear life while I went through security at the airport.

My trip to Vancouver was short but sweet. I may have missed a few folks this short trip around but to the handful of friends that I did catch up with I am so happy that we were able to pick up where we last left off. It feels as though I never even left town—now that’s real friendships.

Lastly, thank you Joanna from The Untitled Shop, this sweatshirt is undoubtedly a favourite new piece in my closet. Check out the new online shop today.

Until next time Vancouver, I’ll see you again soon.



On The Scene: Artscape Salon 2015

 Photos by Mauricio Calero.


Last week, alongside some of Toronto’s most inspired artists and creatives, I attended Artscape Salon, an annual fundraiser held at the beautiful Wychwood Barns.

The four-course dinner was delicious—Incredible actually! At one point I had the server take away my plate immediately so I wouldn’t be served seconds. The neatest part of the evening was the format of our guest speakers: 26 wonderfully talented individuals to be exact whom went from table to table for three rounds interacting with patrons to spark creative conversations… Kinda like speed dating but without the matchmaking part and cheesy pick up lines.

The evening concluded with sweet confections passed around the room while guests enjoyed a special performance by Toronto duo, Prince Innocence. Artscape Salon was a awesome event that brought together some of the city’s most visionary minds and I am very pleased to have been apart of such a fantastic occasion.

I’m already looking forward to next year!





Dolce & Gabbana printed silk bomber jacket; TopMan white collared dress shirt; Your Neighbors black harem pants; Yes We Are The Shit velvet slippers; Dior Homme sunglasses.

“Revive your light. Manifest your dreams. Realize your worth.”
—Alex Elle

Look who’s back. That’s right. ME—and I got a damn good makeover while I was away too! After taking 6 months off from blogging, I am officially back.

I remember at one point during my hiatus, I actually thought about not even returning but I realize I would be giving up on something that took me 4 years to build and I wasn’t going to throw it away like a pair of last season Jimmy Choo’s with a broken strap. One should never throw away good shoes and I wasn’t going to toss my blog away, but instead I revived it with a fresh new look.

I also had a nice push (or shove) of encouragement, which I highly thank my incredible Partner and my “Beau-tographer“, Chalo—I love you. Additionally, can we talk about how incredible the site looks right now? All design credits go to the gorgeous and talented, Jelyssa Madrid—Seriously, this girl can do wonders! Furthermore, A major shout out to my good friend, Lily Nguyen—even on the opposite ends of the country, you always get me. Thank you.

The Starving Stylist blog is a creation I am very proud of. It is a creation that opened a lot of doors, amazing experiences, wonderful introductions and close relationships. I will never forget these moments and my return to The Starving Stylist is a revival to all the things I love.

In the meantime, I would love to hear your feedback, so leave me a comment!